things I got emotional about this week

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! And, happy Maddy v. Cassie day to the Euphoria-watchers! I don’t watch Euphoria but I want you to feel seen. AND, happy whatever is going on between Ye and Pete. Five years ago, did we ever think the bane of Kanye’s existence would be … Pete Davidson? (Love you Pete noContinue reading “things I got emotional about this week”

just trying to figure out where we’re going wrong

In the last, I don’t know, ten years, our society has supposedly made strides when it comes to self acceptance and neutrality about appearance. High-fashion brands pat themselves on the back every time there’s a plus-size model in their show, Instagram influencers are now making money off of BOTH diet culture products and messages ofContinue reading “just trying to figure out where we’re going wrong”

qualms of a student journalist

It’s been almost two years now in the bustling big city of Columbia, Missouri and I guess you could say I’m starting to get the hang of things. And by that I mean I’m getting used to sitting in my room until the sun goes down, making a mug cake at 7:00 and then headingContinue reading “qualms of a student journalist”