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This is the second time I’ve written this blog, and I didn’t post the first one because it was very aggressive, and I don’t want to give anyone a reason to say I’m being too “emotional.” I am emotional (about everything) but this deserves at least a few coherent sentences.

I’m sure this is the millionth thing you’ve seen or read about the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, so I’m sorry if it is getting increasingly triggering or upsetting to you. Don’t read it if you don’t want to. (what a concept!)

As I’ve been scrolling through social media in the past week, I’ve seen so many good videos and written pieces using extremely logical arguments and facts to take down conservative opinions. But, it’s become clear to me and I’m sure many others, that logic has been thrown out the window. There is no chance of winning an argument using logic anymore. Because they don’t care. In fact, many of them probably know what they’re saying is illogical, but it’s what they want, so they don’t care.

There’s a video of a political commentator named Ana Kasparian that’s come up multiple times in the past year or so. I’ve watched it over and over, and I think it perfectly sums up how I, and millions of others, feel.

Here’s the link to a clip of it.

The gist of what she’s saying is “I don’t care.” I don’t care what your religion says, and I’ll fight for you to be able to practice that religion, but it should not impact me. Most people who know me know that I’m not religious, sometimes overly so. I typically get along with friends who are religious perfectly fine, because my friends have never tried to convert me. What infuriates me is when I see Christians/Catholics telling others they are not as good or true or loved as a human being because they don’t believe in the same God, or any god at all. Where in the Bible does it say you get to hate other people for just existing differently than you?

I love Kasparian’s words so much because when I’m watching all these different videos, all I see is people so perfectly and logically proving why abortion should be a right, and it’s heartbreaking because we all know that won’t convince anyone. Sometimes only because the ~algorithm~ will never allow those videos to reach the ones who need to hear it (trust me, I know at least 98% of the people reading this don’t need any convincing). Why the fuck do you get to tell anyone what to do because you read a book and go to church every Sunday? ESPECIALLY when true pro-lifers are in the minority? What the hell is this then? Every time you’ve uttered the words “It’s a free country,” whether ironically or literally, have you thought about the fact that you only want that to apply to you? If the animals you kill for sport while dressed in camo and ridiculously bright orange aren’t worth saving, why is an unviable fetus that isn’t wanted worth it? A fetus that might not make it to term? A fetus that might kill its carrier? A fetus that will turn into a child with no support whatsoever? A fetus that will end up in the system until they are 18 and then be released to the wolves? A fetus that, again, wasn’t wanted and will drastically negatively impact the mother’s chance of success economically, physically and mentally?

I’m not worried about myself. It’s not like I have a wildly active sex life, and I know it only takes one time, but I know I have options as a 20-year-old white girl from a stable family living in a blue state. But once I go back to school in Missouri, where they’ve already gotten rid of Plan B, I don’t know what happens to the people who aren’t so lucky. Even for those with a similar background to me, what if their parents don’t know they’re having sex and can’t get help from them? What if they didn’t become aware until it’s too late? What if they (TW) were raped?

While I’ve been known to make some, well, slightly aggressive comments towards some religions, I don’t want a single one of my friends to think I dislike them because of their faith. Religion is not the issue. Ignorance is. And I know perfectly well that not all religious people are pro-life, but most pro-life people are religious, so I apologize if it seems like I’m generalizing. If any one of the people reading this were to get pregnant and decide to carry the pregnancy to term, I would support you the entire way. I would never fault you for making that decision and I would do everything I can to help you. But if you ever decide it’s okay to call someone a murderer for getting an abortion or actively prevent someone from getting one … see ya never.

P.S. As unfortunate as this is, we do need men to vote with us in order to change some stuff so if they are saying the right thing, we don’t need to tell them to shut up lol.

Some of those logical TikToks, and some funny ones:


just thinkin silly little midnight thoughts.

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