things I got emotional about this week

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! And, happy Maddy v. Cassie day to the Euphoria-watchers! I don’t watch Euphoria but I want you to feel seen. AND, happy whatever is going on between Ye and Pete. Five years ago, did we ever think the bane of Kanye’s existence would be … Pete Davidson? (Love you Pete no hate)


I’m a big cryer, and this week I found myself shedding a tear because of such insignificant things that those tears were almost always followed with self deprecating laughter. So naturally, I thought I would share.

  1. A dog in Central Park getting beyond excited to play fetch. You know when dogs get too eager and their little bodies start to wiggle super weirdly?
  2. Two kids who came into the bakery a few minutes apart and both bought juices before school. One spent five minutes deciding what macaron to get and the other bought a ham and cheese sandwich. To be a kid in New York!
  3. The acknowledgments section of Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. The note to Peter just left me in pieces.
  4. “Raspberry Beret” playing in a restaurant. I’m gonna be that person for two seconds and say if you don’t like this song … well, just don’t tell me.
  5. The Goldfish that my mom sent me in a package. Coincidentally, I had accidentally bought the whole wheat version at the store and it was just not working for me.
  6. My mom showed me my cats on FaceTime. I feel like that’s all I need to say.
  7. My eyes stinging and watering so much that it leads to me just actually crying out of frustration.
  8. My best friends visiting Notting Hill in London. I told them I would have cried if I was there with them, but it turns out just thinking about it does the trick (also shout out to Liv for sending me Instagram reels about the Spanish neighborhood they filmed in).
  9. Lorde
  10. Maggie Lawson and Timothy Omundson being adorable friends.
  11. My dad surprising my mom and I with tickets to see John Mulaney. What made me more emotional, though, was the support from my dear friend Anna because as we agreed, he doesn’t get paid to be a good person!!

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