The 2020s: Season 2!

I’ve never really been one to make resolutions. I’m not good at coming up with them and, truthfully, I’m not good at keeping them. Around January 1st, I do like to jot down a few small goals for the year, though. They might not be resolutions exactly, but it at least helps me take whatContinue reading “The 2020s: Season 2!”

A few thoughts on confidence

I’ve always been someone who wants my friends to feel confident in their bodies and in their skin. I’m not an overly nice person — that’s not what I’m saying. But, I know who I am when it comes to jokes about someone’s body or looks, etc. What I want to write about today isContinue reading “A few thoughts on confidence”

MIZ COVID-Diaries: Mun Choi and Administration

We’re entering week 4 here at Mizzou, almost a quarter of the way done with the semester. So far, I’ve gone to one of my in-person classes (just once), quarantined for two weeks, found out I never even got Coronavirus from three different exposures and hallucinated that my cat was in my trash closet. SoContinue reading “MIZ COVID-Diaries: Mun Choi and Administration”

scheduling a sickness

So we’re all at home now, if we can be. Instagram has become a disease in itself and every app you open will flood you with ideas that somehow, in a time like this, you aren’t doing enough. At first it was cute. People shared their daily schedules and a few others commented, “Love!” orContinue reading “scheduling a sickness”

Numbers are stupid!

Go math. Woo-hoo for you if you can do math. I can’t. I’ll please the math major and algebra teachers everywhere by saying yes, it is important. But this is not about math. Numbers are everywhere. Anywhere you look there’s some kind of number affecting your life. You really couldn’t escape them if you tried.Continue reading “Numbers are stupid!”