freshman year: I learned…

We go to school to learn — that’s pretty obvious. And once we get to college, how hard we want to try becomes more of an option than ever before. When you get home from a long day of school in college, it looks a lot different. There’s no parental figure asking how you did that day. You get to decide.

Freshman year isn’t a death trap. A lot of “What You Need to Know About Freshman Year” books will make it sound like that. But it is something that, as unbearably cheesy as it is, reveals to you what is really important in your own life. For me, it pointed out the moments in my past that shaped me and the ones that were more or less irrelevant. It created new memories and add-ons to my personality that I never would have guessed would be there.

This year, I learned the basics of how to be a decent journalist. I learned about Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll in a class called Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll. I learned how much I hate god-like figures in old Greek and Roman texts (I’m sorry … when you show me an ancient text where a female is actually portrayed in a positive light, I’ll talk). I learned Econ. And no, I don’t want to talk about it.

All of this is going to help me get a good GPA, graduate, get a job, etc. But today, right now, I want to talk about the most important lessons I took away from my freshman year in college:

I learned to be the one girl who always had her room key.

I learned how to be incredibly dramatic when retelling a story.

I learned that a deep sleeper and a light sleeper can get along.

I learned how to go the wrong way on the subway.

I learned that nothing is worse than realizing the second half of your project that was narrated under a blanket actually doesn’t sound the same as the part with a mic.

I learned that I’m so f*cking happy I went to school in a town with two (soon to be three) Andy’s Frozen Custard locations.

I learned that hitting a baseball is hard.

I learned beating a baseball player in a swimming race is easy.

I learned I will never ever be able to do a handstand.

I learned I like snow more than the average person.

I learned I hate competitiveness but I like to win. Figure that one out.


I learned that I brought a shit ton of stuff I didn’t use but I’m definitely going to bring it all again next year.

I learned I’m definitely not as confident as I thought I was.

I learned that the guys really don’t give a shit if you dress for the theme.

I learned who will eat dessert with me every night and who WON’T.

I learned that gift cards are some of the most valuable things on Earth.

I learned that Professor Markie is the definition of a good soul.

I learned what it looks like when a passionate socialist attends a school in a republican state.

I learned that girls have a lot more compassion for strangers than I thought they did.

I learned that tigers are my favorite animal.

I learned Tostitos Hint of Lime chips are what I would save in a fire.

I learned that even though I will never acknowledge the SEC, there’s only one good school in the conference (I’m so sorry it felt weird if I didn’t end it on a cute note).

you are enough!

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